You are cordially invited to be part of this much valued meeting. Beyond the exhibition itself, a broad variety of interesting sponsorship and advertisement options are available.

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AB Science AB

Blueprint Medicines GmbH

Celltrion, Inc.

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Limited

Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH

Moxie GmbH

RefLab Aps


ACARE – Angioedema centers of reference and excellence, a GA²LEN / HAEi network
Amgen GmbH
CRUSE – Chronic Urticaria Self Evaluation APP
CURE – Chronic Urticaria Registry
Moxie GmbH
Novartis Pharma GmbH
UCARE – Urticaria centers of reference and excellence, a GA²LEN network
Urticaria Patient Advocacy Organizations

Sponsored Programme Items

Novartis Pharma AG: 7 December – Coffee break at 11:50
RefLab Aps: 7 December – Coffee break at 15:55
Sanofi Regeneron: 8 December – Breakfast symposium at 7:30
BioCryst: 8 December – Poster walk at 10:00
Novartis Pharma AG: 8 December – Lunch break at 13:00
Impressions hybrid GUF 2022
Professional Congress Organiser

Remember Management GmbH
Albrechtstr. 14 b, D-10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 47 37 25 77
E-mail: guf@remember-management.de